A teaching and information resource on ventilation/perfusion imaging in Nuclear Medicine, primarily for the differential diagnosis

of Pulmonary Thrombo-Embolism (PTE/PE), especially where the images are complicated by the presence of other diseases

such as pneumonia and chronic obstructive airways disease (COPD/COAD).

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Welcome to the SPECTLung information site and case reference library.  


We aim to assist specialist Nuclear Medicine Physicians at all stages of their development in this field, as well as be an information bank for their referral base.   At the heart of this site is a search facility linked to a refer¬≠ence library of case studies.  Click on find a case; click on 1 or more of the patient history filters; click on search. The library will then display those cases that most closely match your request


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To be maximally effective, this site’s reference library needs to grow, and the best people to see that happen are you, the visitors.  Be prepared to share your successes –and if you are willing – your failures, with our world-wide community, so that patients everywhere might be the beneficiaries of our shared knowledge.


We are particularly keen to put up case studies that have presented diagnostic difficulties for you. Simply prepare a ‘Word” file attachment in the format you see displayed, viz. a summary patient history, a set of images, and the final diagnosis. Then send an e-mail, with the attachment, to casestudies@spectlung.com informing us whether you wish to be identified and accept e-mail correspondence on the study.